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Affiliated organisations

Linked to the party, the foundation Sallux, the youth wing of ECPM 'European Christian Political Youth' (ECPYouth) and the Advisory Council are active. The ECPM is not affiliated to any of the groups in the European Parliament. 

Advisory Council


European Christian Political Youth (ECPYouth) 

Advisory Council

The Advisory council is an independent organ inside ECPM focussing on the long term perspective and as well advising the board on more urging matters. Members of the Advisory council are: 

Advisory council president Heiner Studer

  • Heiner Studer (president, Switzerland);
  • Wijbren Jongsma (vice-president, The Netherlands);
  • Volodymir Stretovych (Ukraine); 
  • Florica Cherecheș (Romania);
  • Peter Östman (Finland);

For more information regarding the Advisory council you can contact them at administration@ecpm.info.

Sallux|ECPM Foundation

Sallux is an association that acts as a political foundation for the European Christian Political Movement (ECPM). Formerly known as the Christian Political Foundation for Europe (CPFE), it supports and underpins the ECPM, especially in terms of political content through pan-European cooperation and the introduction of analysis, ideas and policy options. Sallux means “Salt and Light”.

Sallux wants to spark a salted debate where needed and shed light on the issues we face. We present solutions by organising events and distributing relevant publications, and will not stay on the safe side of the status quo. Relational thinking and biblical principles are applicable to every dimension or topic you can think of. Sallux will shine its light specifically on the following interconnected topics: family, society, the EU (institutions and the people), (human) life, the economy, global problems,  the environment and freedom.

Sallux shares the ECPM’s basic programme and Christian values. As an association, it welcomes likeminded think-tanks, NGOs and individual politicians as members. Together with these partner-organisations, Sallux exchanges information and ideas and is spreading a new vision with a positive influence on European society.

Christian relational vision

Sallux and its partners promote a Christian relational vision as a future-oriented cultural alternative to the current dominant culture of individualism and secularism. The human being is in essence a relational being. This is based on both the Christian view and real-life experience of human existence. For Sallux, this perspective is decisive for all aspects of society and policy-making.

Sallux: Towards a Relational Europe, with:

  • Inspiring events
  • Relevant publications
  • Creative and effective solutions
  • A new vision for European societies
  • A Christian relational vision
  • A platform for sharing and exchanging information and ideas

More information can be found on www.sallux.eu

European Christian Political Youth

The European Christian Political Youth (ECPYouth) is a network with a mission: "To build together on Christian politics in Europe by collaboration, exchange of experience and active participation." 

The ECPYouth is established in July 2004 in Kortenberg (near Brussels). During the Summerschool 2004, organized by PerspectieF (Dutch youth-organisation), the representatives of the 8 youth-organisations present decided to establish a youth network based on the Lakitelek-declarations. These declarations are signed by a number of Christiandemocratic political parties from all over Europe. From our point of view, the Lakitelek-declarations are a good foundation, also for the youth-organisations to promote the Christian values in Europe.

The ECPYouth is a growing network with member organisations from all over Europe. And we are still growing. We see a great opportunity to work on Christian politics in Europe. And, with the ongoing entrance of the Eastern European countries to the EU, these opportunities are increasing. 

ECPYouth is an organisation in which the Word of God is the foundation of all our activities. And with the Word of God, we can work on our politics, Christiandemocratic politics. We are convicted of the fact that we as human beings are related to three things, to God, to other people and to the creation around us. That is what Christian social-politics is about. In other words: Relation-politics.

Would you like to work together with the other member-organisations on the action program, or do you want to make your organisation member of the ECPYouth? 

For more information about the ECPYouth: check our website!