Advisory Council

The role of the Advisory Council is to provide guidance to ECPM board & members and financial oversight. The members of the Council may also propose discussion topics for the General Assembly, may check and amend program and statutes. It usually meets at least two times per year.

Florica Cherecheș


Name: Florica Cherecheș
Country: Romania
Political career: former Member of Parliament; President of the National Authority for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Children & Adoptions
Political party: National Liberal Party

Inga Bite


Name: Inga Bite
Country: Latvia
Political career: lawyer, two-term member and deputy speaker of the Latvian Parliament
Political party: Latvian Alliance of Regions

Annelie Enochson

ECPM Advisor

Name: Annelie Enochson
Country: Sweden
Political career: former member of Swedish Parliament; architect
Political party: Swedish Christian Democrats (KD)

Peter Östman

ECPM Advisor

Name: Peter Östman
Country: Finland
Political career: Member of Parliament, former ECPM President
Political party: Christian Democrats Party

George Rukhadze

ECPM Advisor

Name: George Rukhadze
Country: Georgia
Political career: Christian Democratic People's Party leader, foreign policy expert
Political party: Christian Democratic People's Party

Branislav Škripek

ECPM Advisor

Name: Branislav Škripek
Country: Slovakia
Political career: former Member of the European Parliament, leader of Kresťanská únia, Slovakia.
Political party: Kresťanská únia, Slovakia

Hanna Stretovych

ECPM Advisor

Name: Hanna Stretovych
Country: Ukraine
Political career: ECPYouth Board member
Political party: Christian Democratic Union

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3811 NG Amersfoort
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+31 33 304 0011

Brussels Office

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1040 Brussels
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