Our Values

A Europe of Human Dignity

Human dignity expresses the intrinsic value of every human being. It is inviolable and must be respected and protected, as is stated in Article 1 of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

An Economy that Works for People and Planet

ECPM has a relational view of economy and understands the purpose of all economic activity as supporting life and advancing wellbeing for all.

Healthy Families and Healthy Marriages

Healthy families are the basis for thriving societies. We believe that stable, loving relationships between parents are crucial for the wellbeing of their children.

Freedom, Security and Stability

Real freedom of faith, conscience and expression only becomes visible through relations with those who feel, think or act differently.

Fighting Modern Slavery

Human Trafficking is a cross-border crime which treats people as commodities and robs them of their dignity as human beings.

Reforming the European Union

ECPM considers that the way the European Union works and acts needs to be reformed.

Preserving Christian Culture & Heritage

ECPM recognizes the Christian roots of EU member states and believes that there is value in this heritage.


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Brussels Office

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